Charged 2019 Schedule

  • The Foundry

    10:00 am - 2:30 pm

    Human Centred Design

    Looking to learn more about human-centred design? Interested in discovering how to apply design thinking to your toughest problems? This workshop will begin with the basics of human-centred design. From there, you’ll apply the information you’ve learned to a hands-on exercise. This course is for people who want to learn the basics of human-centred design and how to apply it to their work. Each participant receives a human-centred design activity workbook, card deck, and set of process cards.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Learn new ways to work together
    • Build your team’s skills and enhance their problem solving skills
    • Learn how to be customer-centric and make decisions with the end-user in mind
  • Doors Open

    Opening Remarks

    Andréa Crofts

    Andréa Crofts

    Director of Design, League

    Designing for Digital Health

    As creators of digital products, we have a responsibility to enable others to disconnect… and re-connect with themselves– physically and mentally. In this talk, Andréa will share the broad definition of digital health, as well as tips on how we can co-design it.

    The rise in mental health as a result of situational stress is a prevailing theme in today’s society, and some of the products we’re building are the root cause. But we have the power to change this. 

    As creators of digital products, how might we enable our users to be more present in their lives? How might we invest in features like Instagram’s activity timer, despite the fact that they’re fundamentally counterintuitive to the usage metrics most behemoth tech companies are driving towards? And finally, how might we design for disconnection?

    Frank Bach

    Frank Bach

    Lead Product Designer at Headspace

    Designing for Joy

    Learn how to go beyond functionality, and add joy to digital products by adding an element of delight to experiences. In this talk, Frank will share strategies and lessons learned in how to create apps that break down barriers between humans and technology. By adding an organic and tangible touch with design, interactions, and going beyond user expectations, you can create long-lasting and engaging products that people connect with on an emotional level.