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Community Partner
The Innovation Mill is Sudbury’s Regional Innovation Centre and a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, and Canadian Digital Media Network. They work with early-stage tech entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses, providing them with the resources they need to help them start, grow and scale their venture right here in Sudbury.


Design Partner
OvertheAtlantic (OTA) is a creative agency powered by people who are always willing to see things as they really are and deal with them sensibly. Headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, OTA supports clients by bringing ideas and strategy together; working collaboratively (and sometimes independently) to help your business or organization pursue certain goals. Their approach to offering professional creative services is firmly guided by our belief in being candid. Through this honest and trusting business relationship, they are able to offer an insightful contribution to your project. Their team is composed of like-minded young experts who are driven to succeed, and have a strong desire to perform towards positive results. Today, we’re northern Ontario’s leading creative agency.


Youth Partner
At Canada Learning Code, they believe that digital skills are tools of empowerment. They design, deliver, and partner on technology education for Canadians. Their goal is to ensure that all people – particularly women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers – who have been historically underrepresented in the sector are given equal opportunity to build our future.


Education Partner
The Interaction Design Foundation is an independent nonprofit initiative with an objective that sounds like a paradox—to raise the level of global design education to an Ivy League standard, while at the same time reducing costs to as low as we can possibly take them. So, they democratize learning by providing top-notch curricular materials, and aim to strike the perfect balance between academic rigor and practical relevance.